Welcome to the era of DevOps!

Welcome to the era of DevOps!

How often do you start your day earlier, because of a server crash?
O: I have to confess that I was awakened in the middle of the night hundreds of times. About server crashes, database freezes, hanging applications, and weird situations.

Which is your favorite blog?
O: I prefer to speak about articles. Sometimes I read a really good article and I browse the whole blog. To answer to your question I don’t have a favorite blog, I have favorite podcasts, french geostrategic podcasts.

Which is the book, you would recommend to anybody in the IT community?
O: May I suggest two books? In English and in French. The first one is a must-have to read the book of Jezz Humble and Dave Farley Continuous Delivery. The second one, is more philosophical about our new changing world Surgissement d’un nouveau monde – Valeurs, vision, économie, politique… tout change by Marc Luyckx Ghisi.

Which is the book that inspires you the most?
O: A whole library! Your question is a bit amazing and makes me think about Les combustibles by Amélie Nothomb. This book is about people in a library burning books to avoid the cold, and the recurring question is « which book to burn or to keep? ». So which book I prefer to keep? Utopia by Thomas More, to keep a cape, to keep a vision.

Have you been to Bulgaria? If yes, what do you like the most?
O: I will enjoy my first time in Bulgaria.